Metal Framing

Metal Framing Vs Wood

Quality lumber is slowly fading .In home construction we are seeing that metal framing is being used more frequently. Metal framing has a lot of benefits and we are going to give some reasons: In metal framing the studs are completely straight. It will not fall apart or become smaller. Many general constructors rather use metal framing because it does not take a lot of space and does not weight very much, it can resist fires and insects, and the best part is that it does not go bad like wood. Another huge reason that we believe metal framing is better is because of its lower price.

When we first started to use metal studs we noticed that the process was a bit slower. We noticed that using new materials, techniques and tools made it harder for us to work at first; however, that did not stop us because metal framing is very easy to deal with. A huge benefit of using metal framing is that mistakes can be fixed by unscrewing a few parts.

A great perk of using metal framing studs is that many of us already own the tools that are required to be used. Tape measure, straight cut aviation metal snips, plumb bob and a drill. We recommend that you purchase a wireless drill if you do not have one.

We need to get started by fasten the ceiling and floor tracks and patiently installing the studs one at a time. To make sure that our work does not come out sloppy we measure the exact height of each stud. We want it to be real tight so with the metal cutter cut the metal stud to the correct height.

There are special electrical boxes that are sold in home stores that are best to use with metal framing.