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What We Do And How We Get It Done

The process of installing drywall is very direct, yet it is not very easy. We begin by using studs to frame the walls this is very important because it is the foundation of our process. After we frame the walls, we start to measure the drywall so we can know how much to use to make it fit perfectly. We also make holes so the wires and pipes can go through them easily. Then our drywall specialists hand up the drywall and uses the studs to make sure it stays in its place. We use spackle and drywall tape for our finishing which we will fill in the spaces between all the sheets. We like to be neat so we sand the drywall to make it smooth, this way our clients can get the drywall painted.

One of the most important steps of our process is finishing. This is when we fill up the spaces between the drywall with a combination of drywall mud and drywall tape. We use a three-step process: tape, bed, and skim. We do this because it is the most effective way for the drywall to dry and be able to be painted on.

Another coating that is very nice looking for places that require to be able to receive direct sun light or a lot of light is level 5. We do this for walls and ceilings that are going to be painted with high gloss paint.

Drywall And Mold Are Not Very Good Friends

San Diego Drywall Mold

We have come across a lot of mold in drywall in our time. How does mold grow or where does it come from?

Best Drywall And Sheetrock Repair is an expert at knowing everything. Mold grows in moist environments and is very common in homes that have experienced flood damage.

A weird color starts to show on your walls from the mold and even a foul odor. Eliminating mold from drywall, carpets and all other surfaces should be a top priority.

The reason that is top priority to get fixed is for your health and for the health of you loved ones.

This should be taken very seriously and fixed as soon as possible. You have to know that just painting over mold will not cure your mold, that is a big NO! NO!. There has to be proper steps to assure that the mold is not attacking your structure or spreading even more through your house.

We recommend to hire a specialist in mold remediation or you can also hire a Best Drywall & Sheetrock Repair contractor that has experience with mold problems. I will tell you this, no matter how tempting you are at touching your walls with mold please don’t.

Don’t let the mold catch you off guard contact a Best Drywall & Sheetrock Repair Specialist

Drywall is to be removed in a control environment, which means plastic covering walls , floors etc.. This is to make sure mold does not become airborne.

Remember that health is important and always take the proper steps by making sure that your mold problems are solved by professionals.

San Diego Drywall

Drywall Patching and Texture

In Metro Atlanta sometimes finding an experienced Drywall Contractor or a Drywall Repair person is not very easy. 

Sometimes you just can’t finish the Drywall repair with good texture, and that is something that a lot of non professionals do. It’s understandable since we all have gone through that and realized that your paint job will also look very bad to the point you blame it on the paint. We recommend to take the proper steps to beautify your house and hire a Drywall Contractor no matter in what state you live.

How important is drywall texture?

This is a question that many people ask and here is the answer. If your drywall repair has a large area to match or if you want a perfect job you can re-texture the entire wall ( that depends on the experience of drywaller). If it’s been a while since the wall was painted it should be prepared as you would for painting. The reason for that is to have a clean area of work and to make sure that the over spray is equal through the area that is worked on. So that when you paint the repair after it dries you can also paint the entire wall to have a more even finish. This is recommended for older houses that have old paint.

Our Top Services

Did you know that Atlanta is known for our numerous drywall professionals. As a drywall specialist we recommend that you make sure that the person or company you hire for drywall installation has the experience in the sheetrock install, taping, and texturing process. Texturing is the final process to your finished product. Texture may seem to be easy to do, but if not applied correctly may expose your patch or work when the pain is applied. Always make sure the working area is clean before they start, this is to ensure the work to be completed in a timely manner. It says a lot that when the work is finished that the drywall person or drywall contractor doing the work cleans the working area.

Why Use Green Drywall In Kitchens And Bathrooms.

This is a typical question people ask. You always have to remember that bathrooms and kitchens there is always water involved. So the answer to that is that it is water-resistant. Just some fun FYI it has been around for about 25 years.